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Optimal Experience is Australasia’s leading research and design consultancy. Our focus is making the world a more user-friendly place, online and offline. Our passionate team of research and design specialists are based in Sydney, Auckland and Wellington.

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It’s pretty simple really: we help you to deliver world-class customer experiences. We find out exactly how people use your website, product or service, and use this information to design experiences that are easy and enjoyable to use.  

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At Optimal Experience we’re all about supporting you. We offer a variety of events to help your team learn more about user experience.

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Pump up the Jam!

Image courtesy of Auckland Service Design Jam 2013

We’re super excited about Global Service Jam 2015 and we think you should be too!

It’s an honour to be able to announce our involvement with the Global Service Jam (GSJ) and dedicate our February newsletter to an explanation and some flagrant promotion. ;)

GSJ is the world’s largest design thinking event

Every year on GSJ weekend, Jams all over the world are organised. This year 75 locations have already registered! 2014 saw more than 100 locations with 2000 jammers working through a weekend on six continents, with only 48 hours to change the world.

So, what’s it all about and why is the global UX community so excited? Read more »

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