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Optimal Experience is Australasia’s leading research and design consultancy. Our focus is making the world a more user-friendly place, online and offline. Our passionate team of research and design specialists are based in Sydney, Auckland and Wellington.

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It’s pretty simple really: we help you to deliver world-class customer experiences. We find out exactly how people use your website, product or service, and use this information to design experiences that are easy and enjoyable to use.  

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Shared and Integrated Design Environments

Posted by Graham Howe in business, design, Optimal Experience, PwC, Uncategorized, user experience on May 20, 2015.

We have taken the plunge and hired a bunch of visual designers and what a shock it was. From ‘want to jump straight into a solution’ to ‘speaking a completely different language’, we’ve been working to integrate them into our entrenched User Centred Design thinking and process to form a common design vocabulary.

We believe a shared and integrated design environment could help us form a common vocabulary, but what do these look like?

We found that Eli Schiff and others have similar questions to ours; when he wrote in his article Fall of the Designer Part II: Pixel Pushers. Read more »

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