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Optimal Experience is Australasia’s leading research and design consultancy. Our focus is making the world a more user-friendly place, online and offline. Our passionate team of research and design specialists are based in Sydney, Auckland and Wellington.

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It’s pretty simple really: we help you to deliver world-class customer experiences. We find out exactly how people use your website, product or service, and use this information to design experiences that are easy and enjoyable to use.  

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At Optimal Experience we’re all about supporting you. We offer a variety of events to help your team learn more about user experience.


Sydney’s first Design Thinking *Do*

Free Event

Date: May 15, 2014

Optimal Experience in Sydney is hosting a hands-on innovation and solutions workshop for Travel and Tourism organisations

This is an opportune time to come together to collaborate and generate some new ideas using our rapid and creative product and service design techniques. Recent research suggests that Australian Travel and Tourism organisations need to be innovative in finding new ways to meet and exceed customer expectations in order to compete for the ever competitive, yet valuable tourism dollar.



Applying design thinking to everyday problems

We all get frustrated by crappy user experiences from time-to-time. Websites that don’t work as we expect, poor service experiences, or badly designed products, the list goes on. As experience design practitioners we are more sensitive than most to badly designed experiences – and it provides rich fodder for office discussions and examples when we explain what not to do.

One of our favourite examples is the maddening experience using Text-to-Park for on-street parking in Auckland. If you haven’t experienced this yourself, it is a great example of “UX-fail” and we’ve taken great joy at pointing out all its flaws in presentations to any number of audiences. Read more »

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